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Available Trips On Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is ready to provide you with an exciting day of offshore fishing in the deep blue Atlantic Ocean and the following are the different types of fishing trips we offer: Good Vibrations - Bottom Fishing

Bottom Fishing For Reef Fish - Call For Pricing
Good Vibrations departs at 6:30am and returns to the dock at 4:00pm

On this trip you and your party will target reef fish. These species include several different types of groupers, several different species of snappers, amberjacks and a handful of other species such as triggerfish, porgy, cobia and occasionally African pompano. This style of fishing allows the angler to actually feel the fish bite and fight the fish off the bottom of the ocean until it is reeled to the top.

Good Vibrations - Blue Water FIshing

Blue Water Trolling For Pelagic Fish
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Good Vibrations departs at 6:30am and returns to the dock at 4:00pm

This style of offshore fishing allows the anglers to relax and wait for the bites. The crew of Good Vibrations will put out baits and troll these baits behind the boat as they pass weed lines and other areas of the ocean that hold these pelagic fish. Species of fish that are commonly caught while trolling are mahi mahi (locally called dolphin and also known as dorado), wahoo, sailfish and occasionally other species that can include marlin, kingfish, cobia and barracuda.

Good Vibrations - Otherside Fishing

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing on the "Other Side"
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Good Vibrations departs at 6:00am and returns to the dock at 6:30pm

Known in sushi restaurants as "ahi", yellowfin tuna is the premier fish targeted out of Port Canaveral, FL. Ranging from 30 pounds up to 100+ pounds, yellowfin tuna put up an incredible fight and it is not uncommon for 5 or 6 of these fish to total over 300 pounds of fresh ahi. This trip begins with a couple hours of comfortable cruising out to the the "Other Side" of the gulfstream. Once there, the crew uses their sophisticated radar system to locate birds feeding on the scraps of baitfish being eaten by schools of yellowfin tuna. The crew navigates Good Vibrations so that baits can be pulled through these schools of yellowfin tunas. Often a single pass can produce bites of 3 or 4 fish. This excitement is hard to match as the drag from the reels are screaming, the crew is giving instructions, birds are flying over head and the tuna are sky rocketing out of the water. Everyone should experience this type of fishing once in their lives for the shear excitement it produces. Other bycatch include white and blue marlin, mahi-mahi, wahoo and other species of tuna including blackfin and skip jack tuna.Good Vibrations - Bahama Fishing

Bahamas Fishing - Call Or Email For Pricing
Good Vibrations departs at 6:30am and returns to the dock at 4:00pm

Good Vibrations is available for charter fishing in the Bahamas. Pricing varies, depending on location in the Bahamas and length of voyage. Please click here, or call us at 407-496-5903, if you would like to discuss chartering the Good Vibrations in the Bahamas.


Good Vibrations requires a $400 deposit to reserve a day of fishing. The deposit can be paid by Check, Visa or MasterCard. Your credit card will only be processed if you cancel within 48 hours of the reserved date or if you do not show the day of the charter. If you cancel 48 hours or more prior to the day of the reservation we will refund your deposit, if paid, by check. Good Vibrations has a strict policy of only running charters if the weather forecast is calling for favorable weather. No charter will be run if NOAA is calling for a small craft warning. Should Good Vibrations decide the weather does not permit fishing on your reservation date your deposit will be returned. Trips that must be shortened, at Good Vibrations crew's discretion, due to unfavorable weather will be discounted accordingly. The balance of the payment is due upon arriving at the dock at the end of the charter. Pre-payment is acceptable.

The trip rate does not include the captain's or mate's tip. It is a standard procedure in the charter industry to tip the crew 15-20% for quality service. Our crew works hard each charter and the tip is the majority of their income.

An experienced, courteous crew, ice, bait, tackle, rods & reels, fish fighting gear, fishing license for entire charter, ice box for your drinks and food, and fish cleaning,

Food, beverages, clothes that can be ruined, sunscreen, non slip shoes/sandals (white soled if available), headwear, sunglasses (polarized if you have them), cooler to take home fish in, rags/towels to wipe your hands on.